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BNI Clwyd of Flintshire North Wales

Where / When ?

BNI-Clwyd meet on :

Every Wednesday morning
Starting at 7:00am
Completing at 8:30am
Not disturbing your normal working day

BNI-Clwyd meet at :

Village Hotel St Davids Park
A494 - Ewloe
North Wales - CH5 3YB

View map of meeting location

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BNI Excellence

'Its not net-sit or net-eat its net-work' - Ivan Misner PhD Founder and CEO of BNI

The essence of BNI is that although the meeting takes place at breakfast the sole reason for coming is to net-work! Efficiency and timings are maintained because every BNI meeting follows a structured agenda. If (or when) you attend our meeting, you will find all meetings follow exactly the same format, using exactly the same agenda.

  1. Introductions
  2. The 60 Second Speech
  3. Chapter business
  4. The 10 minute presentation
  5. The (all important) referrals
  6. The summary

The focus is on generating business for the participants and there are no secondary agendas. Would you like to know more?

The 60 Second Speech

At the heart of the BNI meeting is the "60 Second Speech" slot. This is each member's opportunity to tell everyone at the meeting all about their business, the kind of leads they are looking for, and anything at all that will help the other members generate business for them.

60 seconds may seem to be the briefest of speeches, but BNI have developed a system to harness the power of this format, and regularly organise free training workshops to allow the members to develop their presentations, introducing techniques such as the memory hook, and effective ways to ensure that the message is remembered.

This system has immense practical benefits outside BNI, where in in real-life networking situations, the BNI member is trained to be able to give an instant and concise account of what they do.

BNI Clwyd Givers Gain Flintshire Wales

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